Origami Effect

Origami Effect

Acrylic on Canvas | 30cm by 30cm | Painted in July 2012

Say you take a piece of paper that’s coloured differently on both sides, and fold it into an origami crane. What you’ll notice is, only one colour will be revealed on the outside; the other will be hidden from view.

And when you take one step back and bring your mind one step further, you’ll realise that this origami effect, as I fondly call it, isn’t just restricted to folded paper. Isn’t it the same for us too?

More often than not in our daily activities, we tend to reveal only our desirable sides to the people we meet. In fact, we often feel the need to hide our uglier and perhaps more controversial sides from even our closest friends. So here’s the question: who are we, really?

Inspired by an origami crane, this painting explores the idea that true acceptance can only come from truthful disclosures of what’s really within us. The rainbow colours (plus pink) represent the different facets of our personalities, while the black triangles remind us not only to accept and appreciate our beautiful and colourful parts, but our unpleasant and dark sides too. Covered with covert symbology and painted painstakingly over many weekends, this is definitely one of my favourite paintings.


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