The Friendship Series

Friendship Series

Acrylic on Canvas | 4 sets of 30cm by 30cm | Painted in May 2012

My friend’s 21st birthday was approaching, and I was faced with a problem: I couldn’t find her a present. And it’s not because I don’t know what she likes, but, coming from a relatively well-off family, she already had most of the things that she can possibly want (or need). On the other hand, since I come from a relatively poor family, my budget for her present was quite on the pathetic side.

In other words, I had to find a cheap gift that doesn’t really look that cheap. Now isn’t that pretty damned frustrating? Well, in all honesty, it wasn’t, because, like I mentioned here, I’ve always wanted to paint. So, in fact, this was the perfect opportunity for me to start painting the first set of paintings =).

This set of paintings consist of a set of four square canvases, each bringing with it some meaning that I wished to convey to my friend (clockwise, starting from top left, and please pardon the quality of the picture):

A rainbow, representing joy after a heavy downpour. This painting seeks to remind her that good things will always follow bad ones.

A sunset. This painting seeks to remind her that, with a shift in perspective, a sunset can be seen as a sunrise as well.

Om Nom from Cut the Rope. This painting seeks to remind her that it’s never too old to have fun.

21 cherry blossoms, representing the transient nature of life. This painting seeks to remind her that life is short, and so she should cherish every moment of it.

Put together, these four paintings form a circle, representing our never ending friendship.

I’ve never really said this, but I’m truly grateful towards my friend. Without her (okay, maybe her birthday), I wouldn’t have started painting, and would have missed out on so much fun and fulfilment. Thank you (you know who you are), you’ve really changed my life =)!


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