A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Acrylic on Canvas | 30″ by 24″ | Painted in June 2012

I painted this for my mother’s 49th birthday in June this year. No, I don’t hate her. And no, I wasn’t feeling depressed at that time.

But then again, I can’t really blame you for thinking that way, given how gloomy this painting must look at first sight. And I’m guessing a few questions must be floating around your head right now.

The tree looks bare. Has it withered from the cold winter, or is it sprouting out from the warmth of spring?

Is that a sunrise or a sunset? Is daylight going out soon?

And where’re the birds heading to? Are they escaping from this cold barren land, or are they finally coming home, ready for spring?

Well, my answer to those questions is quite simple: it doesn’t matter. Because the skies may crumble and fall, but any day would be perfect, so long as there’s YOU (the silhouette of the tree forms a ‘Y’, the sun an ‘O’, and the birds form a ‘U’).


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