Don’t You Forget

Don't You Forget

Acrylic and Marker on Canvas | 40cm by 30cm | Completed in December 2012

As we grow up and mature, society and the people around us will inevitably influence our thoughts and actions. Some voices will encourage us to pursue our dreams and cheer when we’re original, while others will tell us to swim with the stream and pray that we be normal. Unfortunately, the latter is usually louder than the former, because it is constantly spoken from the lips of our teachers, politicians, mainstream media, and sometimes even our parents. And the result of all these is the gradual thinning of our individuality and corrosion of our society, where many would struggle to just be normal and conform to societal norms.

With that in mind, I painted this elephant, formed by rainbow-coloured triangles, as a 21st birthday gift for a very special buddy of mine (who shares the same birth date as me!). My message to him is the same as that to everyone out there: don’t you ever forget how awesome you are as an individual.


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