Sketchy Sketches #1

13 August 2013 – 18 August 2013

As promised earlier, I have committed myself to sketching something everyday. For the past week (13th to 18th August), I have almost met my quota of 1 sketch per day; I’ve managed to sketch at least one drawing each day from the 13th to 17th August! Not too bad for a start, eh? =)

13 August 2013

13 Aug

The view outside my window (pen and pencil) – this was my first sketch for this project!

14 August 2013

14 AugCoffee – one of my elixirs of life (pencil). I think the cup looks quite fine, but the foam and saucer and spoon is.. meh.

15 August 2013

15 AugA really, really bad sketch of Alan Rickman (pen). His mouth is just crooked. No wonder he looks so pissed.

16 August 2013

16 AugStage for We Will Dance (pen) – Singapore’s first 10-hour dance marathon! The event was held at Hong Lim Park on 17th August 2013, from 12pm to 10pm. Almost 600 people turned up to raise funds for charities of their choice, and around $20,000 was raised (not an accurate figure, just a rough estimate taken from their Facebook page)! My twin brother and I were the main designers for the event’s logo, stage and other paraphernalia.

17 August 2013

My friend gave me a link to an online tutorial for drawing anything, and it’s really good! If you’re intending to do the tutorial, don’t look at my images yet! Do it yourself, and then we can compare our results. =)

If you’re reading on, I’m assuming that you’ve either completed the tutorial on your own, or you don’t really intend to do it. So here’s my first sketch.

17 Aug 1 of 4

Shrimp 1 (pen) – The first image that I’m supposed to sketch is that of a shrimp – based entirely off my memory. I actually thought that my sketch looked quite like a real shrimp, until I saw an image of a real shrimp.

Next, I’m made to download multiple high quality images of shrimps in different positions, and study them. I was then instructed to pick one image that shows its features clearly, and trace it. This is the part where I learnt about the different features of a shrimp (like its long, spiky snout and ‘horns’ at the side of its head), and how its different features are related (spatially) to each other.

17 Aug 2 of 4

Shrimp 2 (pen) – The next step is to delete or erase all the shrimps that I’ve traced out, and sketch a shrimp based on the image on hand. Not bad, huh?

On a side note, I’m now more convinced than ever that shrimps are indeed the underwater version of insects – I mean, look at their gross alien-like faces and insect-like legs! And since shrimps taste so delicious, does it mean that insects do too?

Anyway, the next step in the tutorial was to draw shrimps in different positions, using the original image as a reference. The author of the tutorial, prrb, described this as using the image as a map, so that you wouldn’t get lost while sketching the shrimp in various positions.

17 Aug 3 of 4

Shrimps 3 and 4 (pen) – I tried drawing the shrimp in 2 different positions, one while ‘walking’ on the sea floor, and another just viewing the shrimp from a different angle. Both look a little weird, but I guess they’re pretty ok for a first try.

The next step was my favourite step. prrb brilliantly makes his/her tutorial come a full circle by going back to step 1: the next task is to draw a shrimp based completely off memory.

17 Aug 4 of 4

Shrimp 4 (pen) – I did the best that I could to sketch out a replica of Shrimp 2, without looking at the image of the shrimp. And as you can see above, I missed out several parts, like the position of the long ‘whisker’ on the shrimp’s face, and the fact that the body segments should have been taller and less wide. And eww, it looks quite like an insect larva! Oh well, at least it’s way better than Shrimp 1! =)

That’s all the sketches that I’ve done for the past week! Hope you guys like it, and do drop me some comments!


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