Sketchy Sketches #2

19 August 2013 – 25 August 2013

For the past week, I’ve done 4 sketches. Although it’s a little far from my aim of one per day, I’m quite happy with the quality of my sketches (not saying they’re good, but I think I’ve improved =) ).

20 August 2013

20 Aug

Octopus’s head (HB pencil) – Sketched this off a sketch of an octopus. I was waaaaay too tired to complete the sketch with the octopus’s legs, so I skipped them. Looks pretty good I think! Maybe some time (weeks) later I’ll sketch the whole octopus.

21 August 2013

21 Aug

Emma Watson’s left eye (HB pencil) – It does look quite like her, right?? =) My mum almost guessed it correctly.

22 August 2013

22 Aug

This doesn’t count, I know. Just wanted to let you guys know I tried. Kinda.

23 August 2013

23 Aug

Lion (HB pencil) – A pensive lion (Mufasa?). The sketch is really faint, so I had to increase the contrast a little more in this image. I know I wrote that I started sketching this on 23 and only completed it on 24, but it didn’t take that long. I started it in the wee hours of 23, and completed it the next morning =).

25 August

25 Aug

Tiger (HB pencil) – Well, I can’t think of anything to sketch, so I thought a tiger would be good after a lion. Also, I wanted to try sketching something more ferocious than the lion, so I chose to sketch off an image of a roaring tiger.

That’s all for the week! I think my favourite sketch for this week is Emma Watson’s left eye. Some day, when I get the hang of sketching things, maybe I’ll try sketching her whole face!

I must repeat, again, that I have learned a lot from prrb’s tutorial on how to draw anything. I have never been able to sketch like this before I read that tutorial. If you’re interested to pick up sketching, do take a look at his/her tutorial!

P.S.: Sorry for the bad quality images; I used the camera on my trusty iPhone 3GS (yup, that old thing still works). The images are all touched up, but only to increase the brightness (and contrast in some); nothing was added on / drawn using my computer.


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