Sketchy Sketches #3

26 August 2013 – 1 September 2013

3.5 sketches for the past week. That’s half of what I aimed to complete, but looking at the way things have gone for the past 3 weeks, I doubt I’ll ever reach my quota of 1 sketch per day. Oh well.

27 August 2013

27 Aug

Adele Adkins (HB pencil) – This is the second artwork that I’ve done so far where I tried to sketch Adele (yup, I like her quite a bit). I kinda like the way her hair looks, but I know she looks a little bit off. I think it’s her left eye that’s making the sketch look a little weird. And her face might have been a little too long too.

BUT, I realised that, if I were to turn the image by 90 degrees, it’ll look more like her! =) Yes, that’s cheating, I know.

27 Aug-2

28 August 2013

28 Aug

Golden eagle (HB pencil) – I wasn’t very pleased with my Adele sketch, so I decided to sketch something else that same day (I finished my Adele sketch on the 28th August). I wanted to sketch a majestic creature, and the golden eagle came to my mind (ok, the sketch looks like an ordinary bird, but the beak is quite telltale, right?). I initially decided to sketch a flying eagle, but after some thought I figured that it’ll be safer to start off with its head first. Still haven’t really got the feathers figured out yet.

30 August 2013

30 Aug

Cheetah cub (HB pencil) – Aww, cute, isn’t it? Not quite, really; the actual image is waaaay cuter than this. I secretly think that all animals should just remain as babies forever. Imagine puppies and kittens that will never grow up! =D

This sketch was completed on 31 August.

30 Aug-2My initial sketch looked like this.

1 September 2013

1 SepCheetah (HB pencil) – An incomplete sketch of an adult cheetah with a freaky ear that looks like it it isn’t so pleased being incomplete. I’ll get this done soon!

More to come next week!


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