Sketchy Sketches #4

2 September 2013 – 8 September 2013

I  think I’ve been hit by the ‘Mediocrity Cycle’ this week; it’s like a woman’s menstrual cycle, except more unpredictable.

The fear of mediocrity is what drives me to experiment and create new stuff, to push my boundaries and test my limits. But every now and then, I look back at my own works and can’t help but admit that they are still mediocre. And then the fear of mediocrity would drown out my enthusiasm and drive, and I would stop doing whatever I have on hand. After a considerable amount of time, or after watching something inspiring (usually performances by amateurs), I would start to feel better, and would begin working on my projects again. That was essentially what happened this week.

1 September 2013

1 Sep Completed

Cheetah (HB pencil) – This was the only sketch that I’ve completed in the past week. I took me quite some time to want to work on it, so by the time it was done, the week was over.

This was what it looked like a week ago:

1 Sep

More to come next week, I hope. =)


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