The Geometric Series #2 – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Andrew

Graphite on Paper | A4 | Completed on 6 May 2013

Well, strictly speaking, this isn’t exactly a new design; Lady Gaga was actually the first person I’ve sketched using this geometric method. But then again, that was done on a piece of scrap paper, so I guess that that kinda justifies my doing a ‘proper’ sketch of her now. And this artwork was specifically designed as a gift for my friend, so I think it deserves a post of its own.

I’m not really a huge fan of Lady Gaga, or a Little Monster, like what many of her fans call themselves (I think). While her songs are wildly popular and catchy, some of them are too ‘clubby’ for my liking (I prefer slower ballads). I do, however, like her for what she stands for: a beacon of hope and source of encouragement for the unusual, the weird, and the abnormal. She’s the crazy icon that tells us that it’s ok to love ourselves for who we are, even if others disapprove of us or think that we’re disgusting. What I’m trying to say is, she’s pretty awesome.

And as I have mentioned above, this artwork was designed specifically for a friend (who, funnily enough, isn’t a huge fan of Gaga too). If you’d look closely, you will notice that the corners of the sketch are curved, with the top left corner bearing the initials ‘JK’. Yep, this sketch was meant to be a super-sized Joker poker card, because my friend was quite fond of poker cards back when I first knew him. So I thought that this sketch would be a good gift to him, to remember those good old days. =)

As usual, here’s a desktop wallpaper that I’ve designed, featuring the artwork and one of Lady Gaga’s quotes: “If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not in the light.” .

Lady Gaga Frame Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop wallpapers: 1280 by 720, 1280 by 800, 1440 by 900, 1920 by 1080, 1920 by 1200, 2880 by 1800.


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