Sketchy Sketches #7

23 September 2013 – 29 September 2013

So, it’s recess week now, where we’re given a week of break from school to study for whatever mid-terms we have. I’ve got 2 mid terms, which isn’t too bad. But I haven’t really been studying much either, which is bad. There were just too many distractions this week! Each time I tried to study, my mind would drift off to somewhere distant, and then I’ll lose interest in whatever I’m studying (not that I’ve got any interest in it to begin with). And then there’s the internet. Damn you, internet.

25 September 2013

25 Sep

Barn Swallow (HB pencil) – I sketched this when I got really bored at studying. I wanted to sketch another slightly more complex image, but then decided against it cos it’ll just take up too much of my ‘studying time’. Not that I used that extra time saved to study, anyway. Oh well.

More to come next week, I hope! =)


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