Sketchy Sketches #10

17 October  2013 – 4 November 2013

This long overdue post was delayed because I ‘lost’ my sketch book, which really boils down to my stupidity =/. I brought my sketch book home over the 19-20th October weekend (I stay in a hostel in campus), and left it at home by accident when I went back after the weekend. I didn’t have the time to go home the next weekend because of my never-ending school work, so I spent the next two weeks in school without sketching anything =(. When I finally got home, I couldn’t find my sketch book anywhere! I searched every possible (and impossible) area for the sketch book (like underneath my bed at home), but still couldn’t find it. So I freaked out. I tried to mentally retrace my steps to recall when I last saw the sketch book, but just couldn’t remember anything. I thought that I’ll never see my sketch book again =(. Well, I was wrong. Because I’m an idiot. As it turns out, I didn’t bring my sketch book home over the 19-20th October weekend at all. So it was actually in my hostel room all. the. bloody. while.

Anyway, this time, I kinda experimented with different sketching techniques. I tried to make my sketches different from the original image, by either dramatising some areas, or by drawing cartoonish sketches. Hope you guys like them! Oh yeah, *owl alert*.

17 October 2013

17 Oct

Owl’s Head (2B & HB pencil) – I simplified the image of an owl’s head into lines and basic shapes, and added some shading. I kinda like the little ‘moustache’ that the owl has.

18 October 2013

18 Oct

Shocked Owl (2B & HB pencil) – I tried to sketch a shocked look from an image of a normal looking owl. I enlarged the eyes, reduced the size of its pupils, gave it a gaping mouth, and shaded some ‘eyebrows’ on its face. This sketch is kinda sketchy, but I think it looks kinda comical. It’s as though the owl’s saying “Whuuuuut…?” Oh wait. Now it’s starting to look like a tarsier.

18 October 2013

18 Oct Second Sketch

Owl (2B pencil) – It took me quite a while to draw the wings, but they still look a little too tall (and probably not wide enough too). Hmm. Oh, and its left wing is bigger than the right. =( Oh well. Better luck next time, I guess. This owl is inspired by the owl in Harry Potter’s Great Hall.

More to come next week! =)


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