Sketchy Sketches #11

5 November  2013 – 21 November 2013

Exams are just around the corner, and I really should be studying. 

8 November 2013

8 Nov

A Couple (HB & 2B pencil) – My friend has recently asked if I could sketch a photo of her piggybacked by her boyfriend. They look cute together haha =). This is a rough sketch of them (I’ve blurred out their faces), but I’m kinda pissed off at myself cos I just can’t seem to get her boyfriend’s face right =(. Oh well, I’ll try sketching them again when I have more time to get the details right!

21 November 2013

21 Nov

Eyes (HB, 2B & 5B pencil) – I might be using this for another project I’m currently working on! No spoilers yet! =)
[EDIT] I’ve used this sketch as a cover art for one of my short stories, What Happens After Goodbye.

More to come next time! =)


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