Event Design: We Will Dance

I was approached, together with my brother, by the organisers of We Will Dance to create a complete design package for their upcoming fund-raising dance marathon. We were tasked to design the logo, posters, t-shirts,  banners, and even the stage for the event.

We Will Dance would be a very active event, with participants sweating it out to the different dance moves that are taught by professional dances on-stage, and so my brother decided on a colour palette that’s vibrant, but yet not too glaring:

Colour Palette

Using these 4 shades of colours as a starting point, we went on to design the logo for the event. One of the most interesting feature of this 10-hour dance marathon is the fact that different dance genres will be taught by the professional dancers every hour; that makes for 9 different dances, plus one mega mashup right at the end! My brother thus came up with a logo design that uses silhouettes of different dances to emphasise this fact. The resulting logos looked especially interesting when contrasted with the chosen colour scheme.

Initial logo

One problem with this design, however, is the fact that the silhouettes looked like they’re hiding behind the rest of the logo; this created a rather detached looked that weakens the integrity of the logo. To tackle this issue, and to bring the focus even closer in to the different dance moves, I devised a simple solution: the addition of a circle behind the silhouettes.

Final logo-02

The circle behind the silhouettes integrates them together with the rest of the logos, and also acts like a spotlight that’s casted at the dancers as they dance on-stage. The organisers were happy with this logo, and we went on to design the other paraphernalia needed for the event.

Poster designs:

WWD Poster mockup

WWD fundraising tips mockup WWD Programme mockupPostcard design:


Another feature of We Will Dance is that, participants can choose to pledge a certain number of hours that they will dance on the actual day of the event, with different bands of hours giving them different wacky titles and t-shirts. Participants who dance in the open category are called “Dance Challengers”, while those who pledge to dance 6 hours are given the title “Dance Survivor”, and, finally, those who pledge a full 10 hours are heralded as “Dance Maniacs”. Organisers of the event were given special blue t-shirts.


More photos here: http://on.fb.me/NjtAOv

Stage Design:

Stage design was exceptionally challenging, because we had to come up with enough material to cover the backdrop of the stage, without bursting what little budget our organisers had (you can’t spend too much on a charitable event!). The large size of the stage meant that printing a huge banner to cover the entire area would be extremely costly, since the required size is way off what a normal printing shop can handle. To circumvent this issue, I came up with an idea: to split up the banner into small, manageable strips that can be handled by most printing shops, and piecing them together on the stage to form a massive backdrop.



Banners 1m by 0.5m-01

The event managed to raise over S$30,000 in donations for charitable organisations. And of course, since the event’s main purpose is to raise funds for charity, we didn’t charge them for the entire project. =)

If you like this, you can appreciate it at my Behance page: http://bit.ly/1gpHKEP!


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