Dreams & Desires 2014

Dreams & Desires is an amateur arts exhibition that took place in the National University of Singapore, from 3rd Feb to 21st Feb 2014. The aim of the exhibition is to give amateur artists a chance at showcasing their artworks to the wider public.

As part of the organising committee, I designed the posters that were used to publicise the event, both on social media, and in print.

In designing the logo for the event, I wanted to create something that can encapsulate the coming together of individuals, the formation of something that is collectively larger than the sum of its parts. In the end, I used two overlapping semi-translucent, circular shapes to convey the intended message.

logos-01 logos-02 logos-03

With that as a starting point, I designed the entire set of posters that we used for the event. Because we received many beautiful artworks, I decided to use some of them in the publicity posters. The respective artists are identified in the posters.

These were the ‘basic’ poster designs used for the event:

D&D Poster 1

D&D Poster 3 D&D Poster 2

Photograph by Zai Muhd:

D&D Poster 2

Sketch by Yui Wei:

D&D Poster 3

Photograph by Nicholas Foo:

D&D Poster 4

Sketch by Joshua Foong:

D&D Poster 5

Sketch by Jonathan Liau:

D&D Poster 6

Digital sketch by Claire Boon:

D&D Poster 7

Sketch by Jolyn Lim:

D&D Poster 8

The event managed to garner over 120 submissions of artworks from over 36 artists. =)

If you like this, you can appreciate it at my Behance page: http://bit.ly/1qItAY5!


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