The Geometric Series – A Roundup

The Geometric Series is a series of graphite-on-paper artworks that celebrates and commemorates some of the world’s most popular – and perhaps controversial – celebrities. Each artwork is completed using nothing but geometric shapes (mostly triangles), filled with different shades of black, to result in an interesting pseudo-3D portrait.

Over the course of months, I have completed 4 portraits of famous people: the first was Johnny Depp, followed by Lady Gaga, Stefanie Sun, and finally Oscar Wilde.

Here’s a round up of the artworks that I’ve created in the series:

Combined wall

I’ve designed a desktop wallpaper for each artwork, featuring a quote from the respective celebrity:

Oscar Wilde Wallpaper 2880 by 1800

Lady Gaga w Frame 2880 by 1800

Johnny Depp 2880 by 1800

Stefanie Sun 2880 by 1800

I’ve also designed some posters for each artwork:

Oscar Wilde mockup

Lady Gaga mockup

Johnny Depp mockup

Stefenie Sun mockup

I hope that you like what I’ve done! You can find out more about each of the artworks by clicking on the links below! =)

Oscar Wilde

Lady Gaga

Johnny Depp

Stefanie Sun

Thanks for viewing! =)

If you like this, you can appreciate it at my Behance page:!

Oscar Wilde Teo Yu ShengLady Gaga Teo Yu Sheng Johnny Depp Teo Yu ShengStefanie Sun Teo Yu Sheng


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