The Train Moves On

a short story by Teo Yu Sheng

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The Train Moves On Cover

I watched her from the opposite platform as she plugged her earphones in. We were the only ones left at the station that night, waiting for trains going in opposite directions.

She shut her eyes and tilted her head slightly to the side, seemingly enjoying the company of her music. The light hum of an approaching train sounded through the quiet night, but the girl remained absorbed in her own perfect little bubble. As my train drew nearer to the station, I realised that I might never get to know the music that was playing in her ears, or the thoughts that were running through her mind. I might not even get to know her name. For a brief moment of insanity, I contemplated jumping onto the tracks and climbing over to the other platform across from me.

But the train pulled into the station quicker than I could make my mind up. The train doors slid open.

I didn’t board.

The doors closed with a mechanic click, and the engine began humming.

As the train hurtled out of the station, I looked across the platform.

The girl was gone.


Cover illustrated and designed by me (here), inspired by Nikolay Tikhomirov’s Zero Gravity photograph series.

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