8 Accounting Myths You Probably Believe

There are plenty of lists across the internet about accounting myths, but most of them concern themselves with addressing stereotypes regarding accountants – things like “accountants are boring”, or “accountants don’t have a life”. Things that, in my opinion, are way past proving (and often feel too defensive).

As a graphic designer who’s also an accounting student, I’ve decided to create a new list (and infographic) that outlines accounting misconceptions that people actually believe in – whether it relates to accounting scandals, audit procedures, or even the elusive meanings (if any) of debit and credit (covered in #7!).

I’ve really enjoyed creating this, and I hope that you’ll enjoy reading it too! (Retina version might take a while to load)

8-Accounting-Myths full final


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2 thoughts on “8 Accounting Myths You Probably Believe

    • Hi Eric, I’m glad you found it useful! Would really appreciate some form of credit (a simple link back would be great) if it’s gonna be used anywhere public =)

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